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Thanks for the input. Perhaps I am wrong about them powering down. As far as the length of time, perhaps 20-30 seconds? I have tried turning down the acceleration, but am not sure how much. I am currently running at about 35 in/min, and an accel of 10. My driver is a HobbyCNC driver, and the steppers are 305 oz/in. For machining anything where each axis is activated within 30 seconds of previously being activated, it works great. On the larger stuff though, where one axis is dormant longer than about 20-30 seconds, it stalls out and misses its line of g-code. Thanks again.


   I am new to Mach3, and am still trying to figure it out. I have run into a problem, however, and any adivce would be appreciated. The problem is that my motors are powered up, then for example, the x or y axis do a long run in a 3D cut. After running the length, it happens that it took so long that the perpendicular motor powered down. In powering back up, the motor stalls, and so it misses that slight jog to align the next long run. Is there any way to configure Mach3 to keep the motors powered up longer, so they do not stall as such?
   Thank you, all who reply.

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