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General Mach Discussion / Re: lookin for a windows 2000 camera driver
« on: August 10, 2013, 08:55:42 AM »
Thank you for your help but the driver did not match my camera

Hi teck low teck work around
The camera works on xp so I went across to the office and grabbed an old xp machine from the cupboard (office must have the latest tecke kit) fixed it up next to the mill and  I am able to display camera image full screen. One slight flaw there is a bit of parallax error from the black cotton that I have used to create the cross hair (just got to modify the recently created wall bracket a bit)


General Mach Discussion / lookin for a windows 2000 camera driver
« on: August 10, 2013, 04:33:19 AM »
I have been successfully running Mach 3 since 2006 on a windows 2000 computer. I have just been given a camera but can not find a windows 2000 driver for it has any one solved this problem?

I response to your invitation to introduce myself, up to now I have been reading and what I understand to be "lurking".

I have been in to model engineering since 1964 I am an electronics engineer during the day a few months ago we had a job in that required 800 plastic boxes to have three holes put in to them one 70mm x 30mm for a display and two 25 way "D" sockets the quote from a local machine shop was 4.5 GBP / box. So thought we would try it in house. Purchased on ebay a small CNC milling machine running a DOS program called "Maxnc ver10". Figured out the G-code once I got my head around relative and absolute positions and an excursion with G20 and G21. First tried to use a 3mm normal 4 start end mill but that quickly got plastic swarf burned on to it, a couple of searches on the internet got me in touch with WNT who recommended 52 103 030 - 03 tool and a larger cut to speed ratio so that the tool had larger chips to clear the swarf. This cutter has a single cutting edge and a form that pushes the plastic down on to the jig to stabilise the work. 800 boxes later the machine has more than paid for its self.

I am now looking at ways to exploit it for my model engineering projects. Mean while replaced the operating system with Mach 3 and on the advice of the IT department and one of their old computers on which they first ran fdisk then installed a copy of windows 2000. I then installed Mach3 ver 2.64 lockdown I am now engraving glass with self made a spring loaded device that used Dremel collets and tools

Well that's my exploit in to CNC machines so far The boss now having seen what's possible is looking at us machining some other end panels.


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