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  :) Hello, I am Joel.  I am now Old Man.  Up and Down with health problems....keep on  ;D.  I have a Compumill 1500.  It is a bed mill with approximately 24x by 14y by 19z envelope to work within.  It has a DynaMill 10 processor which has about 65 k of memory.  Use it mostly in the jog mode as the processor is just to difficult to use and has some sort of problem with turning on the spindle and acknowledging the nc command programs.  Plans are in the works to convert to the MackMotion and use all the power and stuff, simply use the MackMotion through the Rutex connected to the Copley Servo Drives which are Baldor.  I wish I had a picture of it and if I can find one, I will add to this forum entry.

I am 63 going on 17..... ::) sorry, 64, I am a college grad with 2 year degree in middle management, 4 year seminary degree, approx 4 years intense electrical engineering (no certificate) specializing in Power theory, Transmission Theory, Basic Physics, Basic electronics, Advances Electronics, Statistical analysis.  Additionally, I have several years of test bench and in service Baseband, Carrier, Transmitters and receivers (analog and Digital) Antenna Theory and actual maintenance (all the way from Low Freg to High Freg into the 6 gigabit range).  My training includes Everything from a single strand of copper to Fiber Optics as at one time I managed 850 miles of Fiber Optics..... and .... and o, give it up....  My time is tapering down and now it is all of your times to do your thing.  I have managed Database units, computer systems on a very large scale, I remember when I could do basic and make little funny faces on the crt....to long ago.  I am familuar it tube type computers and optical computers....I said familuar.....

If I had my way and some youth, I would build a fiber optic link between the processor and the servos with the interpretor mounted at the servo and the other end connected directly to a light generator at the processor and just not have all the stuff in the middle.  I don't know will it work, maybe one of you youthful types will build one......  well, maybe I should also mention, I am a trained Safety specialist, Instructor, etc....  With all that, let me end by saying, In the business of working with cnc and or manual machining, If you lose it, you may not be able to reattach it...be careful.....
 ??? ::)

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