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I am new to CNC and am in Peoria. I am having problems setting up Mach3. Any chance you may be able to help?

I am a mechanic by trade. I now teach mechanics at my work our policies and procedures. Air Brake, Hydraulic Brale, A/C, Electrical, Tires & Wheels, and our Preventive maintance program. I got my first lathe 30 years ago a Craftsman 6 inch. Because I needed a Mill to do some brackets I bought one of the Harbor freight Green machines. I was then given a 12 inch Craftsman lathe. Learned a lot by reading books and am still learning. I am into SCUBA and make underwater light housings and battery housings. I recently started making underwater scooters. To date have 6 in the water.

I was in need of something I could do CNC, so without doing as much research as I should olf done I bought a Shopmaster Patriot. I have spent several months of taking apart cleaning, adjusting. I have not had much problem with the disign of the machine. The workmanship is another story.

I have now purchased a CNC kit form Keling. It came with Mach 3 software, I have everything put together. Now it is how do I make it all work. I know nothing about CNC except the theory of how it works.

Have a GREAT day

Hi. My name is Craig. I have had a Shopmaster Patriot for a couple of months. I am now ready to put CNC on and am sure I will need help.

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