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Boy ! Way to go Arnie I am almost ready to show mine something she might like soon thanks to your help getting my machine to even move for me. This is a great Guy on this forum don't anybody TEE him off please. I want him around for a long time.
 I will be visiting the forum more often soon as I will need help using the programs I have. I bought Mach3 and ViaCad but I have not tried them too much because all my time was to get the machine wired correctly. Thanks to Artie. See you guys and gals soon with stupid questions Later Phil :)

Yes a have the machine I need and it is almost working right, I was kidding about Arnie's machine I never saw such a big engraver.  All of this is new to me, I was a autobody shop owner in the working life. Have fun.

Wow! What a Machine I am trying to get my Vanguard 7000 working correctly to do engraving on homemade watch dials that is my retirement hobby repairing watches and putting together special watches for special people. Does anyone here think Arnie's machine will engrave on a 1" circle of gold.

Hello everyone I posted here one time before but it must not have taken as I still can't post on other groups,Scott Nichols wrote me a note to tell me to do this post so here I am. My forum name is57phillip and phil will be fine also. I am retired from the autobody mechanical business. I owned my own bodyshop for the last thirteen years I was able to work. I am not to healthy but I do this CNC machine if I ever get it working right or else I am not capable of learning it I don't know but I like it so far it is just not doing what I want it to. A man on this list rewired it from the old DOS system and everything is getting better but I can't get the limit switches and I don't know how the make it go home yet. But I have time I guess. I am into watches and this CNC machine is to do engraving on them. nice to meet you all.

you are all veterans compared to me, I was a autobody shop owner the last thirteen years of hard duty work. I got in to how to repair watches and found it is interesting, when you put on the eye loupe it is almost like working on real parts. Then I bought this very good engraving machine a vanguard 7000, to engrave watch dials. Problem is it came with no computer and besides it was DOS based and old but the machine is in really great mechanical shape. I took all the electronics out and mailed them to a fellow that volunteered to look at it for me. I have been looking around and reading and I think I will use Mach3 and see what is recommended for electronics and cad/cam to go with mach3 the best. Need any advise on cutting a car in half let me know have done a few of those.

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