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Well hi all,

I have just downloaded these excellent programs (mill and turn) and am going to try and implement them on my lathes and drill/jig borer.

I have quite a few older Pentium PC that are capable of running Win2000 but not XP.

As yet, I haven't seen any post or comments in the FAQ or elsewhere, re ARTSOFT preference or even when support for - upgrades to the Win2000 usable will cease.

As far as I can tell neither program is Operating system version specific.. But how about the plugins that are being offered and wizards ?

Maybe the G-Rex could be the way to go. If I am correct it is simply an embedded computer PCB that stands alone; and one that you down load G code program developed under mill or turn into. So one only needs one PC and a G Rex for each machine tool.

Mind you here in Australia, like most major counties i don't doubt, there are many second hand PC available for near nothing, that are often barely a year old. So this would be my preference as I could have one at each of my 2 lathes and another other at drill/jig borer.

Which raises another question about licences. Do I need licences for each lathe application or is there a home SITE licence.

1. My big lathe was made in 1905 in the UK and has a 2" clearance hole in spindle about 1.5 ton in all, totallyl manual operation.

2. My small late is a Southbend 9" bench lathe with quick change gear box on saddle/lead screw.

3.The Jig borer was made in 1953 and has a table movement of 24 inch (X) by 36 inch (Y) and a quill clearance of 24 inch and 14 inch (z axis) in two stages. It weighs over 6 ton currently has the original brushed DC motor BUT and a new full Quadrent Regenerative speed controller fitted.

Both it and the 2 lathes will present some challenges to automate, especially with the manual change gearboxes and belt drives installed. Sure I could bypass gearboxes/ stepped pullies and fit a more powerful motor but it rases issues of torque on shafts etc. I think one has to look at how to machine using, say back gears as one part of job then stop and manually de-engage same. BUT these sort of issues may have been discussed  in another forum that i have not yet read.


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