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At last!! Success, how good is it to hear those motors humming, n o growls or jerking jitters or locking up.

I should have realised when it happened so suddenly, like a switch, that it was a FUSE blown. Not the external fuse (easy to get at) but one inside the Taig box requiring lifting the lid. A new 3 amp fuse had everything up and running.

All that agony of checking and going over it all again; the endless trial of xml's, thanks Hood, also others for helping.


Edit; what caused the fuse to blow? Being inside the box would suggest that it would only blow on rare occasions, the main fuse is on the front panel.


At last a small step forward. Set debounce to 3000 and the Z axis moved at full speed but in the wrong direction! X and Y are still locked and won't respond. Changed the state of Z, now moves OK.

Tried Ref Home All on Z, it homed normally and the Y DRO ran OK and stopped when I set the home switch; likewise for X; but not their motors, they were locked.

The E-stop does not work but is enabled.

The ground wire is not connected. I don't know about your 110V system but here our neutral is  tied to earth in a brass link strip with the  earth wire which is tied to a stake buried in moist soil. Could noise be coming down the neutral wire? Mad thought!

Regards Ron.

1Disconnect ptr cable on box;; Reset works OK and program runs OK.

2   Yes all limit Sw. + Estop.

3  I am not pulling my plugs to bits, it seems that theres no shielding. All the limit switches terminate on a strip block but I don't really want to wreck that either.

4  I pulled the printer cable from the Taig box, program ran OK and reset worked. Plug back in, cant reset; motors free; the sign comes both with the on and off. Look in ports and pins reads enabled and active low.
Turn box on; motor s locked on all three, can't run them because reset wont go off.

5  I have a switched power board with four outlets. I opened up the plug and disconnected the earth wire (ground). Did not see any change. We have 240 volt 50 Hz power in Aust.

Regards  Ron.


Friday 3pm.
Start up screen---Reset flashing---click it, it goes off.

Switch on Taig box--Reset flashing--click it--stays on and' Error On Reset' message pops up

Asks-- do you want me to fix this? If YES it changes the switch state.

No matter what I try it always ends up with E Stop enabled.

During ALL of this the motors are free to turn with the handles.

Running one of the bundled Mach Gcodes seems to be normal.

Fastest1 is pursuing the grounding issues. The mill has been running for 2 years on and off

Regards Ron.


This is your xml. I have renamed it to'MyMill.xml' to match  'MyMill'

E-Stop yes. Pressing only alters the reset LED,I don''t think it brought up the message;I will check as soon as possible and let you know. The reset doesn't work when the box is off.



I have repaired a broken wire on X. Now all six switches show LEDS when moved.

The reset will go off with the box switched on but the motors are dead and freewheel

I got this message, I made a snagit, also a diagnostic screen.

Your xml is in the Mach folder named 'mymil.xml ' to match Mach named 'mymill'.

That is it as of now.

Regards  Ron

Thanks for the xml, I have just come b ack to the house its 8.30 pm and was replacing the Z axis switch with a plunger type. I could not see properly so gave in.

You asked about the switches. What was your conclusion?

I don't have the phone or internet in the workshop so will take the xml over on a stick.

Regards  Ron.

There are 5 Matashuita micro switches, 1 on X axis plus a heavy duty plunger acting as the home switch, 2 on the Y axis and two on the Z axis. they are wired in pairs doing both home and limit. The cabling is shielded and tied to ground at the Taig interface box. They were wired in by a very competent technician and are very tidy. On reflection I think that the micros are too sensitive and I would like to replace them them with some momentary plunger types.

I don't know why things have changed! I certainly don't go into any of the settings and fiddle around. the only other thing perhaps is some fibre or dust has got into a switch and is playing up . The Z one has its plunger facing up and could attract dust. I will check this out. I recently made 6 90mm ratchet wheels with 18 teeth in acrylic and spraying a bit of WD40 on the cut, itr could have drifted into that area.

Regards  Ron.

Hello Fastest1
All active lows were off, marked X. On enabling them, ref all home started up X axis and crashed  the switch.
The leds did not change, so I restored everything back to before.

I am lost!

Regards Ron.

I tried clicking the leds, no-go.

Where do I change the switches?

Sorry for being DUMB but don't want to click badly.


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