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I can write plc programmes but the easy way for a Beaver is to tell Servotek the serial number and get a pre programmed eprom by return.Another way is to get someone with the same model of machine and control to call up the plc code number on the screen and then you order the eprom from Heidenhain.
The plc programme must match the machine because it`s obviously looking for certain inputs before it lets the control give any outputs.
On the machine I upgraded I had to disconnect every wire from the interface board,the plc and the control and ring them all through to identify them and connect them to the correct terminals.

Beaver Mike must have someone repairing these or he`s doing it himself because they have not been made for over twenty years and Sprecher and Schuh who made them were taken over by Rockwell I think and never made another plc,so ask yourself where are the exchange units coming from.
The only guy who can test them that I know is Mark at Servotek.He`s offered a fair price to repair mine but I`m undecided whether to check a bit on it first as the chances are it will be a cap that`s gone.
I know about him fitting the Mits plc but he has all the info as he was at Beaver up until the end.
I bought a VC5 that someone had tried to replace the Sestep on with a Siemens S5.It didn`t run because they did not know how to write the plc programme.I did,but thought it was simpler to upgrade to a 155 control and Heid external plc board as later machines had gone that way and I had drawings and a spare control so it was quite a straightforward job and the machine is standard.
If I was you I would stick with the Sestep.Get prices from MSS and Servotek.Best to email Servotek.
Or,I`ll give you £200/tonne for the machine. :D

John,the reason for asking was that some of the sestep outputs and possibly inputs are from the plc programme in the Heidenhain controlled machines which have the plc programme on an eprom and which would make it very difficult to rewrite the sestep part of it as there is as far as I know only one guy in the land who knows what that is.I would think that looking at how Beaver developed the machines and controls that the Sestep is being used as an extension IO board more than a plc in its own right.
The same guy quoted me a not too bad price for a sestep repair but he may not offer the same prices to everybody.
The Fanuc interface will no doubt bring it`s own problems.
Btw are you the John I think you are from the Manchester area?

What controller is on your VC35?
If it`s a Heidenhain it will not be as simple as writing a new plc programme for a new plc.


When was it produced originally?

It was made in 1987 and had a Siemens 810 control originally.I bought it about ten or twelve years ago and ran it up until last December.
I used it mainly as a drill/tap machine as it`s only a 30 taper,but give it it`s due it handled spells of quite heavy work.
It had sat idle most of this year so we decided to get rid of it.It was worth more dead than alive so I kept the control,axis drives and motors and spindle motor.
I knew Hood wanted a bedmill so gave him first chance of it and he made a fair offer so off it went.

Thankfully being obsessed with money is not one of my flaws ;)

I`ll add "business" and "work ethic" to plc and ladder as things to be explained to you.

Is there a reason you`ve stopped mailing me?  :D

You have to make allowances for Robin Dempster aka Hood.
He still thinks he discovered electricity a couple of years back and he`s not too competent on the social skills either. :D
He conveniently forgets that things beyond my control have held up my work programme for the last four years.
But my business has still managed to make profits during these years.
Enough profits that enables one to sell scrap machines cheap to the poor boys.

Well you were right Granny McGrath, wiring changes were needed,  


 Computer and I can then test out the ladder :)


Some day when you`re older Dobie I`ll explain plc`s and ladders to you.:D
If I had bought a machine with no cnc control and no servo drives,I`d hardly blame someone else when I make a total pigs ear of the wiring and programming of my plc.
However if you feel better for it,I don`t mind and will even put your toys back in the pram for you,but it`s still your turn for the fish suppers next time I`m up.
Did I mention my cables from the same place as yours and ordered two days later appeared yesterday? :D

I hear a rewire is in progress.Can someone send a connection diagram for a proximity switch to Carnoustie,apparently some I`s are not and vice versa. :D
I told him that would happen if he copied the ladder from a window cleaners van.
Never mind,all the flashing leds fit in well with the Christmas decorations. :D

They do when the rest of the guard is on.

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