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oh Well I guess it does not create β


I'm using the WRITE Wizard, are you sure I can do the "B" beta symbol character on that "write" wizard ?

or can I use any Symbol Font ? on that "write" ?

thank you

I want to create a Symbol letter "B" as a beta but I can not find it on mach3 plugin wizard.

how to create it on mach3 ?

Thank you

yes, if I zoom in too much it disappear

the reason I need it is because I just want to double check the depth before I cut accurately by looking at the toolpath "front".

mostly when I use mouse to drag to front, the toolpath is just disappear, I think it's too close to view.

anyway, is not a big deal.

thank you guys,
I thought I miss this "function keys".

I think this should put on the next update ?
don't you think this is necessary ? or it's just me who needs it ?


There is no one replay ?

there is no way to view this ?

I can not find the function key or other way.
how you view the toolpath display "Front, side, bottom" etc ?
I know using mouse to rotate, but I need exact "front"  view ?


General Mach Discussion / Re: My X-Axis is losing steps!
« on: February 25, 2011, 03:23:20 AM »
thank you again

I will post this after I borrow a graphic board for test.

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