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I am using a Teco drive from FactoryMation and it works fine.  The Spindle was designed by a guy in St. Pete, FL but built in China.


Ok, that gives me the properties but I want to look at the code.  How do I find that?


How do you access it?  I would like to compare what is in 66 and in my older version.



Thanks for your comments also.  Where is the Set Next Line function call located?  If you know.

Thank you.

I am using Screen 2010 could that be creating a problem?  I will try 062 and see if I have the same problem.

Yes that is the correct procedure and that is what I do.  Normally in the code window, it does not go back to the top of the file but that is what is happening and then it head to the home coordinates.  It happened again today.

When I returned to my previous version of Mach, it worked perfectly.  That is why I suggested there is a problem with R3.043.066.

Any other suggestions?



Here is the xml.  I had a problem today again so I went back to the old version of Mach.  I use the same xml file for both versions.

Thank you for looking at this.


As I mentioned, I was thinking you wanted to look at the gcode.  I caught that and modified the file.  I will send the xlm file later today.

Thanks you for you assistance.

I can send my xlm, I first thought you wanted the file.  I will have to send it later because I don't have a copy at home, it is at my shop.  I will send later today.  Thanks

One of my question I have has Run From Here been changed?  In the older version I have when I did a RFH, the screen never showed the start of the file.  When you high lighted the line number of where you wanted to start, click on Cycle Start, the machine would move to the new location and the cursor in the gcode window remained at the same line number. Then when I hit CS, it started to process the line that I picked to RFH.

Now when I hit CS the first time, the machine moves to the RFH location but the gcode window and the cursor are at the top of the file.  When I hit CS again, it starts cutting but jumps to the RFH line of code that I picked.  It never worked this way in the older version and I do not like this.  

On the file I first had problems it seemed to happen at the same line number.

I also cut another file and the same thing with the showing the top of the file but it cut correctly.

Tell me if you can still help if I send only part of the file?

Thanks for looking at this.

General Mach Discussion / Problem with Run From Here in R3.043.066
« on: May 08, 2013, 07:19:29 PM »
I am having a problem with Run From Here in R3.043.066.  I had an very old version of Mach and I recently moved to the current one.  I use Run From Here with almost every cut I do and I cut a lot of acrylic and plywood.  Today I had problems with Run From Here.  I moved to a position and when pushed Cycle Start, the machine when to the right code but when I clicked Cycle Start afte it moved to went to the home position and cut on it way there.  Also I noticed that after code went to the top of the file.  It never did that before.  In the past it would stay at the location I want to run from.

Have there been changes to this code?

I will be happy to provide additional details.


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