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The machines I worked with do have that function. (e.g. old siemens controll)

Depending on the geometry of the tool  I only have to program the toolpath and the cycle and the machine does the rest...
So i can rough and finish  a ball shape... it doesnt have to be ascending...

Too bad that the function is so difficult to create in mach...


It would be great if the contour can be entered in a wizzard..

but scott tried to figure it out and he said that this wouldnt work... or am i misunderstanding something?



Feature Requests / Re: Need strobe signal on parallel port enabled.
« on: October 05, 2008, 05:39:34 AM »

i got an article from a friend who has a compact 5 pc..

He got the machine running  with the old drivers...

MAybe this will help




ahh thats too bad... I really got my hopes up...

Thanks a lot for even trying.. I really appreciate it.....

I hope brian could take the time to add the feature to mach...

In the mean while.. ill have to use bobcad to make toolpaths.. its working but not the way i would like..

yet again.. many thanks for trying..

best regards


 hahah  ;D thanks thats a huge compliment hahah

thanks for all your efforts..



hey scott,

thanks for the reply,

I think i'm the one that doesnt understand yet ;D as i said i'm not much of a computer programmer....

I think a wizzard in mach would be the answer to my problem....

I'll try to describe how my bobcad V21 works....

Its just an enhanced text editor window next to my cad window.... it can convert information of the lines and arcs in the cadwindow to G-code in the cam window...

The cam part can't make toolpaths on its own... this means i have to draw toolpaths myself, select them and push a button in my cam window named "cut" or "cut auto"..

Bobcad will then post out G-codes of the lines i selected...

What i meant by that i can  edit the postprocessor  is that i could make a pull down window that would post out the g-code cycle... I could make a window whitch asks for the  Cut dept and leave to stock etc and bobcad will post out as you said before..:

G71/2 U{cut depth} R{retract amount}
G71/2 P{Start Line#} Q{End Line#} U{Leave in Z for finish} W{Leave in X for Finish} F

G70 P{Start Line#} Q{End Line#}

SO i think  that a wizzard in mach would be the option for me and a lot of mach users..

The way i see it with a wizzard (correct me if i'm wrong) i could use a cam program  or write a contour path by hand .... load it in mach and use the wizzard to generate the debulking path..... and the finishing path...

I think thats the most simple way and an addition for anyone using mach turn... you also dont have to think about how my cam program works....

I hope you get my point .... english isnt my first language so i'm having difficulty to explain to you.

Thanks a lot for all your effort...

Best regards


Hi scott,

Thanks for your reply's!


a wizzard is a very good addition. but it still wont let mach understand the g71/72..... so what I really like is that mach gets the canned cylcle adde

The G71/72 indeed lets you turn your billet near the demanded sizes and contours  with G70 you can finish .

Sometimes i would like to use bobcad for programming.. and sometimes i want to do it behind the machine..
So the answer to your question is both i think.

My idea about it is if mach gets the cycle added.. I can add the cycle in  a pull down box in bobcad and fill in the parameters...... so when  making a program  i can easilly use the cycle  before and after my contour...

and when programming behind the machine i can do as i said before i can open a template textfile and program the contour and parameters by hand...

A wizzard will help with that ... no doubt... so i'm all for the wizzard also..

Another reason for that i like the G70/g71/g72 is that when you want to make a series of the same parts is that if i choose the wrong cut depth  for roughing or when i leave to much for finishing.. i can edit my program and change only one or two parameters...
If I should use a wizzard or cam program I will need to re write the whole program... because the wizzard or cam program still generates a huge list of lines after filling in your parameters....so its also a time saver for me..

best regards


hi poppabear,

Whell it sounds nice but i dont work with onecnc... i mostly draw and program in bobcad... and that program is not handy with lathe roughing/finishing...

At my work i mostly program lathe programs by hand and i would like my lathe to work almost as the ono at my job...

I'm not  much of a computer programmer so writing macros and postprocessors is not my thing..

If mach could understand the g70/g71/g72 it would be a big help for me.. and for  a lot of other people.

Think of this..  i need something turned and i dont want to draw it first in a cad program....

I open a template G-code program... thumb in a contour and change the parameters in the lines with the G71 G-code....

If i could do that i am up and turning in 2 minutes.....

so yes i really would like mach to have these cycles added...

best regards


Yes  you are right ... maybe poor choice of words... Mach does have a lot to offer..and is great value for money... I'm also used to program with these cycles.... programming without these cycles is not handy in my case thats why i started this poll..

I hope Brian Barker has a positive answer for us soon! and that he can find the tyime to make this function work!

Thanks for the reply's guys!

Today I just mailed Brian barker about the missing cycle's G70 G71 and G72 for lathe finishing, roughing and face roughing...
Unfortunately these cycles arent supplied with mach3 lathe... ... for me these cycles simplyfie lathe programming by hand enormously..
Even if a cam program is used these cycle's make the programming more simple..
He said the the implementing of this function wasn't on the "to do list" in the every near future.. and that he only got 5 or 6 requests  in the last 5 years....

I think adding this function is a huge addition to the value  of mach3.. and will make the use of this program more professional....

So If you also believe that the cycles mentioned above are a big improvement fill in this poll and let me know......
If brians list gets bigger with requests they might considder to take the time to add the function.....


Best regards ..


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