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General Mach Discussion / new question (Slow table speed SOLVED)
« on: February 26, 2008, 02:42:18 AM »
Well...I finally found the solution for this.
The problem was that after the steps per unit procedure the sliders of the acceleration and velocity at motor tunning was set almost at the lowest position.
I've changed that for x and y at 5000 and 500 and for z 2000 and 200 and it works ok.

Another New question now...

When for some reason the router finds an obstacle the Gecko drives as it is naturaly stops. My problem is that the Mach3 does not "see" that the drives have failed so it continue to count the lines as if nothing happened. Is there a way around this ?
We r making door drawings on wood so on the two sides there r clamps that holds the wood down. Sometimes when the drawing is big the drill head can stomp on a clamp and the drives fail ( there is a person that is supposed to watch over the router by u know...we r only humans). When that happens the panel (wood) is useless and the cost of it is 20euros so I would prefer if we could salvage it...

General Mach Discussion / Slow table speed !
« on: February 25, 2008, 05:05:28 AM »
Hi guys.

Please have in mind I'm a complete noob at this stuff...I'm an IT manager that was told to make a table work.

I have 3 stepper motors using Gecko G320 drives for xyz axis.

I've been bagging my head with this for two days and just cant find out whats wrong !

I leave in Greece so naturally I use meters.

I was given a quickstart file for me to startup the mach3 software in which there is no steps per unit setting.

When I use a clean version of that file the table speed is normal.

Firstly I choose for my motor setup that I use mm, and the I go and do the procedure that setsup the steps per unit.

The problem is that although the procedure works fine and the measurement is correct the table starts working at very-very slow speeds.

I dont know how to speed up thing and I'm using G code that was used before on a different table with Mach3 (somebody elses machine).

As soon as the procedure is done nothing can speed up, jogging or running...the F command doesnt seems to affect anything.

when the table runs I can see a 122 units/min and under that units/rev shows 0.06

What is wrong and do I fix that ?

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