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General Mach Discussion / newbie help
« on: February 21, 2008, 03:39:43 PM »
I am thinking of doing the full purchase but I have some questions.  I think it would be better to give you some background.  My company builds airplanes and I have a cnc router that the engineer that I bought the company from built in 1992 from scratch.  I have been able to take control of the machine with the mach 3 software but I am having trouble with the G-code.  The code that was written for the machine is very simple it has I think 5 different codes that the machine work it is not G-code it is his own code.  We are able to get the parts into rhinoceroses (Rhino) and convert it to a dxf but now what.  The whole program is based on a 1/8 inch bit and I need to write tool path because lazy cam is not understanding the dxf well enough to produce good G code.
1. will the licensed version help with any of my problems?
2. I am going to buy it anyway but should I buy rhino cam as well so I can edit tool path?
3. Is there a program that I can put my existing code into and convert the commands to G-code

My name is Robert Gaither.  I have a little different reason for being here.  I bought a airplane company 4 years ago and we have cnc router built in 1993 by the engineer I bought the company from.  The machine runs on a Toshiba 486 laptop.  We are now trying to update the machine and run standard controls. I am totally excited about learning motion control and how it works.

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