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So I'm not so concerned with the losing of steps, I mean I am, but it really, for the most part happens at the end of threading when it does a quick move from the starting position of the part to home which is where tool changed occur as it's an auto tool changer. I've tried figuring this out before years ago and got nowhere. I think one of the Mach Motion guys responded and couldn't figure it out.

I think the quick motion, acceleration?, is the culprit, not sure why. I should be changing my G-code so the rapids are a lot lower.

I only mention all of this to explain why I changed the speed of the motors.

Now having said that the threads are not the correct pitch I speciifed, but they are consistent.

What you said made sense, I lowered the speed of the motors and so the controller pushed them as fast as they could, but they couldn't go fast enough for the large threads I was cutting.

I'll try to re-run the threads at a lower RPM, I was doing 600 RPM because it was HDPE.

Ok so I've got a 1978 Mori Seiki Lathe that I rebuilt and redid all the electronics and programming. Works well. Now I usually only cut short thread, 1/2" - 3/4" long, and usually 1/4-20. Then over the last few days I've been making a lot of parts using the machine for like 12 hours a day. I've always had some weird quirks with this machine and the Mach Motion built in wizards, see other posts in you're interested.

To make a long story short sometimes I have missed steps, whatever you call in with servos, so using the machine a lot lately I'm running into the problem more frequently. The machine loses steps when moving short distances using rapid. So at the end of cut when the tool goes back to X.75 Z0 (the beginning of the part) then back to home. So I figured I never cut at full speed I'll slow the servos down. I went from 80 Velocity and 20 Acceleration to 40 Velocity and 5 Acceleration to see if that was the problem. Didn't completely work, but worked well enough. The motors, mind you, were still smooth running.

So then I went to cut some 1"-8 threads that I was cutting the day before and the thread pitch was WAY off. More like 1"-20. I have no idea of why this would change anything. I just changed the motor speeds not the steps per inch.

Can anyone tell me what the deal is and how to correct this. Looking back to a couple days ago I noticed that the first 1/2" of the 1"-8 threads were pretty dam close, but 1" further down the pitch was off. I figured it was my original ball screw which is execllent, but NOT perfect. So now I realize that the pitch being off was not the ball screw but the motor speeds. As a side note when cutting lengths on Z the measurements are alwasy accurate.

Mach4 General Discussion / Router Profile vs. Mill Screen
« on: December 02, 2018, 08:51:18 PM »
Can someone tell me the difference between the Router Profile and Mill Profile? I notice a few differences, but nothing major. I use Mach 4 Mill for my CNC Router so I was wondering if maybe there was something different, something that would be really useful for my router?

Maybe. LOL I've been doing this for decades now and as complex are the things I do and build there is SOOO much more to learn or implement.

Got it all setup! Made a precision ground aluminum block. Works awesome, Thanks again for your help.

As a test I did a couple tests using a Tool Setter as the touch off block to see if it moves at all when the bit hits and it the needle didn't flinch. Pretty amazing stuff.

HAAA!!! Sorry who said that.

Ah cool. Thanks.

Oh, is there a script I have to add? Or where do I find the built in one, cause I assume there are values to change?

AHHHH, Momma always said not to touch!! Cool.

Ok i get hooking it up to pokeys, pretty easy I suspect. Take a pin on Pokeys and GND. One goes to the spindle and one goes to the plate I'm touching off of. Set up in Pokeys is simple just enable probe and fill in the fields. I've done that before.

What I can't find is where the script is or where the button is like in Mach 3 to Auto Tool Zero.

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