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Title: Mach3 settings
Post by: dave63021 on December 19, 2008, 10:26:17 AM
I have read the documentation, but I'm not sure about some settings.
I have a 269 oz. stepper motor with 200 steps and set the jumpers to 1/8 microstep - thus 1600 steps.
The lead screw is 1/4-20 allthread.
Under motor tuning, do I enter 1600 steps or (1600 x 20)?

Also I have a XP desktop 1.2 ghz computer.  I have been running Mach 4 at 25,000hz.  Should I try 35,000 or greater?

I built a wood cnc router table using Rockcliff Model A plans and am using 269 oz. in. motors.
Can anyone tell me what kind of velocity and acceleration that others have used?

Thanks for your help.
Title: Re: Mach3 settings
Post by: Chip on December 19, 2008, 01:50:15 PM
Hi, Dave

32.000 steps per should do it, Vel & Acl values, Start low and increase till you get a feel for your Machine, Say vel 20 Acl 5 to start with.

I'd leave it at the 25 K for now.

Hope this Helps, Chip
Title: Re: Mach3 settings
Post by: Hood on December 19, 2008, 01:52:29 PM
You enter 32,000 for steps per unit.
If you need more speed than 25KHz will give you (46.875ipm) then you will need to go to a faster Kernel. 35KHz would potentially give you 65.625IPM and 45KHz 84.375IPM.
 Whether you will achieve these speeds I dont know but trial and error will give you that answer :)