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Title: mach3 scripts error
Post by: sooperdrave on November 07, 2008, 07:46:31 AM
whenever i try to post a code i get a mach3scripts error line 125.  sometimes its line 136.    any one know wht these errors are.  is athere a list of what the different errors and there meanings somewhere?


Title: Re: mach3 scripts error
Post by: jimpinder on November 08, 2008, 05:02:37 AM
Do you mean when you "load GCode"  ANY program you load comes up with this error message, or is it just a particular one.

Can you load any GCode programs, even those from else where, or are you using a CAD/CAM program to generate GCode.

The error message generally is telling you that in line *** there is an error - something the GCode translator does not recognise.
Normally this is when you use, e.g. an O (ooo) instead of a 0 (zero) or similar fault, or you have used a unrecognised command.

Check the appropriate line and see if you can see an obvious fault. It may be a comment line or something similar.

You could write you own program and try and load it  e.g. G0X0Y0 would suffice - call it "test" or something like that and see if the machine takes it.