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Title: Dial Indicators
Post by: dfurlano on October 29, 2008, 04:57:23 PM
Testing the backlash on my mill I grabbed my BesTest .0005" dial indicator and set it on the mill table to check the movement.  Find out that when I increment the table the indicator says something different.  Drive myself crazy checking everything mechanical, electrical, and software over and over. 

For one test I grab a inexpensive Yuasa dial gauge to do some 1" measurements.  Everything looks fine. Took out a third indicator an Interapid and come to fine that my BesTest is not working correctly. 

If someone would have told me the indicator was wrong I would have scoffed at them "My B&S indicator is 25 years old and never has been wrong!" 

Title: Re: Dial Indicators
Post by: budman68 on October 29, 2008, 05:04:32 PM
Hi Dan,

Yep, I've had Best Test and Last Word indicators both fail but had sent them out to a local guy to be cleaned many years ago and they've been great ever since.

I guess they just get "sticky" after awhile  :D