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Title: G code
Post by: hille on October 14, 2008, 09:23:22 AM
I am new to the forum and just started using Mach3 with a Minitech Mill. I have some major issues.
Whenever I use the wizard to cut a 2 inch pocket, the z axis will not move down, but up (away from the part). This happens whether the z is set to + or -. I have to manually edit the g code to achieve a cut.
My second issue is the diameter. Whenever I put a 2" diameter in the wizard, the mill only cuts about 1.75. The g code actually ends at x=0.9675. I have tried to draw a 2" pcket in AutoCad and import it via LazyCam into Mach3. Same scenario, the g code ends at x=0.9675.
Any suggestions?
Title: Re: G code
Post by: Graham Waterworth on October 14, 2008, 05:51:25 PM
Hi Hille,

what size cutter do you have in the spindle, can you post your code here for me to look at.

Have you set your cutter on the top of the work piece and pressed z zero to set the z datum?