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Title: 7x10,-12,-14 Mini Lathe Spindle Speed & Direction Control
Post by: TetraLite on September 24, 2008, 08:31:28 AM
I have just posted my wiring diagram on a new web page (link below). The diagram shows the inexpensive model C6 speed control board from connected to the FC250J/110V DC motor controller board that comes on many late model 7x10, 7x12 and 7x14 Sieg C2 style mini lathes. The diagram is accompanied by lots of text describing the modifications and operation and set up in Mach3 Turn. I am also offering spindle interrupter discs for sale ($5 + $2 S&H, US only) at my new lathe pages. These discs fit the 27mm spindle and are meant to be used with an opto-interrupter such as the Fairchild H21A1 (available from Digikey) or lots of similar devices. The site is at