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Title: PoKeys - Add 55 analog, digital inputs and outputs to your CNC
Post by: borisz on June 19, 2008, 03:47:48 PM
PoKeys is USB keyboard and joystick emulator with 55 user configurable analog and digital inputs or outputs. Inputs and outputs can be directly controled by users software. It works under all operating systems which supporting USB.

PoKeys is simple, easy-to-use USB device that combines standard keyboard and joystick simulation.
PoKeys enables user to design specially built robust computer interface, comprising only mechanical keys and PoKeys device. The device is highly adjustable and as such requires no complex knowledge on device programming.
If additional input and output capabilities are needed, the device provides 55 digital 5V tolerant inputs or outputs, 5  10-bit analog inputs and one 10-bit analog output. They are controlled via included software, which enables user either to use the highly intuitive graphical user interface or advanced console type interface. It can be controled also directly from your custom software. Chosen settings can be stored on device, so no special software is needed on target system.

PoKeys can be used as industrial or CNC control, custom joystick or keyboard or data acquisition board. It is avaiable with or without screw terminals to best suit customers application.

Many details, users comments, user manual and demo software are also on our web page: Units are on stock and is shipped the same day after order receiving.

Boris Zalokar
Title: Re: PoKeys - Add 55 analog, digital inputs and outputs to your CNC
Post by: borisz on August 31, 2008, 04:42:53 PM
Incremental encoder and macro support software/firmware is just released. All PoKeys users can download it for free from:
It is renamed to PoKeys55.