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Title: remote start button
Post by: mstinnett on June 19, 2008, 07:44:59 AM
I am new to using Mach 3.  I want to start a program using a remote mechanical start button.  I do not want to press the Start button on the PC.  I am using OEM TRIGGER #1 pin 15 as the input.  I can see it change states on the diagnostic screen.  I do not know how to create a macro or whatever is needed to be called from the main program to look for the trigger to change states and start the program.  Any help would be appreciated.
Title: Re: remote start button
Post by: Hood on June 19, 2008, 11:17:07 AM
Go to the top of the forum and download the OEM list and find the OEM for the start button, think its 1000 but not certain. Once you have that then go to the config menu and down to Hotkeys. When that opens put the OEM number into OEM Trigger 1 and your Start button should work.