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Title: Help with Toolpath display
Post by: KPaulJ on April 05, 2008, 10:02:53 PM
I have recently completed a CNC conversion of a X2 Mini Mill.   I downloaded Mach 3 Vr 2.63 and installed and got everthing working and set up.  I'm using MastercamX2 for the CAD/CAM with the downloaded Post Processor from this forum.  That is working well also.  When I set up my stock in Mastercam I set the origin to the lower left of the material.  The G code loads in Mach 3 and runs the program with no problem.  My situation's is this when setting up my origin in Mach 3 in order to have the material come out correctly I have to make the origin the top left instead of the lower left also when viewing the toolpath display the cross hairs are moving opposite to the movement of the table,  ie. the table is moving front to back the cross hairs is moving top to bottom.  When a process is being done on the right side of the part in the display it is actually being on the left side of the material ETC.  The keyboard arrow keys move the table in the direction of the key being pushed.  The arrow keys and page up and down keys make the table and head move in the correct direction.

I have tried to find information about the tool paths by search this forum but did not find and information about my situation.  Is there a setting in Mach 3 that I missed to set correctly.  I realize that depending on the type of machine you have Mill with stationary head vs Router with movable head (router) will make a difference as to the perspective of the toolpath display

Any information or letting me know what I'm not understanding would be appreciated.  If this is just the way it is perhaps in a future update this could be addressed.

Ken Johnson

Title: Re: Help with Toolpath display
Post by: Overloaded on April 05, 2008, 11:10:14 PM
Hello Ken,
If you are in "Jog Follow" mode, where the crosshairs are stationary, then the table movement should be opposite of the keyboard arrows.
Otherwise, the crosshairs move in the same direction as the arrows.......I think.
Maybe you need to reverse the axis in config.
Not sure, but it sounds like something is backwards.
Title: Re: Help with Toolpath display
Post by: KPaulJ on April 07, 2008, 11:52:41 AM
Just wanted to let the forum know I resolved the problem and the steps I did to fix it.
Step 1.  Went to MDI page and determined the y axis was reversed by inputting Y1.0 and the movement was to -1.  Corrected by going to Config/Motor Home/Soft Limits and reversing Y axis.
Step 2.  Went to Config/Hot Keys Screen and had to reverse the current Up and Down Arrow Keys.
All the stepper motors are wired the same but for some reason the y axis  had to be reversed and the UP/Down Arrow Keys worked correctly to jog the table before reversing the y axis.
Ken Johnson
Title: Re: Help with Toolpath display
Post by: jimpinder on April 07, 2008, 12:33:54 PM
Yes Ken - I was going to say that -

In your machine - does the head move X and Y or is it the table that moves -X and -Y.

I had the same difficulty.