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Title: Display vs table
Post by: Ben on May 07, 2006, 11:09:00 PM
Mach 3 mill
I want the display to match what is happing on the table.
Home X = table moves far left to home switch
            Y = table moves  far front to home switch

Config home/limits
      Reversed      Home neg
   X       checked      checked
   Y       xed      checked

Ports & pins
   Motor Outputs
      Dir low active
   X   checked
   Y   checked
Press left arrow key table moves right
Preee up arrow key table moves to front

Cross hairs on display move opposite direction of table

Milling cut moves opposite direction of display

My home switches are mounted on the frame and the table moves to them
Thanks for the help, Ben
Title: Re: Display vs table
Post by: Brian Barker on May 08, 2006, 05:02:49 AM
Ben when we talk about a mill moving it is in respect to the spindle. So look at where the TOOL moves to and NOT the table....

Is that any help?