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Title: new @ cnc
Post by: yrndtn on April 22, 2006, 08:26:40 PM
hello everybody,

I though i can find my self a new hobby, and build a cnc machine.
I bought the board and motors, download softwares, but i don't know what i should do from here.

I would like to get tips from you guys about everything related to cnc, and where should i start my hobby...

Thanks for any replays
Title: Re: new @ cnc
Post by: Bloy on April 22, 2006, 08:53:38 PM
Preferably you should have a large workbench, set kinda high, with a stool....This is where you should start your hobby.  Next, figure out what type and size machine you would want and can afford to build.  Look throughout related forums and CNC sites for the multitude of ideas and practical ways to build your machine.  Or if you are going to convert a "ready-made" machine,  Learn of all the available small machines.  Lathe? Mill? Or a combo of both?  A table router? 

Ask and someone will provide an answer..... :)
Title: Re: new @ cnc
Post by: yrndtn on April 22, 2006, 09:26:19 PM
I know what machin i'm going to build and everything. small engraving machin.
my problem is that i want to make the motors moves before i start to invest money and spend time to build the machin. the problem is that i cnat understand those softwares (I tries mach 2, mach 3, turbo cnc, master 5). after i will understand the softwares, and make the motors move, then i will get my a stool and start woking on the machin....