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Title: Active high and active low with gecko 203s
Post by: slowbob on December 14, 2007, 11:40:34 AM

I was tuning my Axis's and my Y axis quit working. After a bit of experimenting I was able to get it running by setting the Step setting to Active High. It seems to be running correctly now and I was able to machine a couple of parts but it will no longer run on the active low setting. My other axis's seem to be fine set to Active Low.  Just for a little more info: The motors on the X and Y axis are a little odd ball. They are 60ox 72 step/rev (This a EMCO F1 MILL and these are the motors that came with it,) and I have them wired 8 wire series.) Also, I am running a licensed copy of MachIII mill Version R2.60.

Although the mill seems to be running OK,  I would like to avoid future complications. Any ideas on what may be happening would be appreciated.