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Title: mach3/galil
Post by: gromit68 on October 17, 2007, 02:20:45 PM
mach3 v 2.48, galil dmc1760, galil ICM2900

In order that I can decide that, yes, I can start to wire in this new system, I am running some simple tests before I fully commit.

I configured mach 3 v2.48 to use port 1, and assigned pin 3 for coolant.
From galil's smart term, I can turn out3 on and off.
from mach3, when I toggle the flood coolant button,  out3 turns on, but not off.

this has not yet been registered, is it contributing to my trouble?
is there something else I might be missing?

if anyone is fluent in mach3/galil? I will gladly compensate someone for live tech support that is.


Jon  724-228-2133