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Title: MainLoop Tick Interval Error
Post by: d4rkb0t1138 on March 04, 2021, 07:31:36 PM

I have a 7766 and Mach4 (All latest Firmware/Software/Plugins)-

I am getting the following error repeating upon connection of Mach with the Integra:
"MainLoop Tick Interval Out of Range.  Average Interval at 15.*********, Config 8ms"

and whenever I jog an axis,

"______WARNING: Main Loop Process Duration: xx.*********ms, Config 8ms"

I am able to home to limits and jog, but haven't run any programs yet.

Can you please help me clear this up?

Thank you
Title: Re: MainLoop Tick Interval Error
Post by: Vital System Support on March 05, 2021, 09:01:14 AM
This error means the computer is not able to keep up the polling rate to get the runtime information from the controller.

You can lower the polling frequency in HiCON Config under system tab. For every 5hz lowered increase the max buffer by 10.

The computers frequency can be monitored in the HiCON status window. 80hz is the default but too low values may cause errors.

As long as your machine is working as intended at 80Hz you don't really need to change it. Some laptops and some computers with i3 cpus are not able to maintain this 80hz.

Attached pictures for reference.