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Title: Mach3 wiring diagram for 3040t with updated spindle motor
Post by: Cyscrofer on January 22, 2021, 05:11:56 AM
Hi all.

I need help.

not the first time thats been said either

OK system windows 7 pro 32bit
Machine - 3040t one ofthe very eary units which used to have the flexi drive on it.

ok ive got the system up and running with the the new USB WHB04B handwheel which i must say is a god send and if you havent got one you should.

ok ive removed the control card in the control box which is the very old TOLSON control board type  (of which i want to remove and replace with something far newer when i can afford to )

ive fitted a 0 to 10v speed controller and 600watt air cooled spindle motor ( a little big but got it at the right money - etc)
ive wired this into the 0 to 10v control that was origonally in for the control board for the flexi drive....
i can not get the software to control the seperate speed controller -  any suggestions.

So far all ive done is turned it on in the software configuration (enable) ive not done any more than that.

can anyone offer any suggestions please to help?

thanks #