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Title: Crashed my favorite tool today all in the learning space.
Post by: boydage on November 18, 2020, 03:04:17 AM
Does anyone know how to carry over an auto tool zero, with the fixed plate, mach 3 2010, to multiple G offsets?

I set my pieces (four) up all with their own G coordinates for the X and Y. All good no problem. Thinking that if I had them all on the same Z level, then the toolchange during the G54 initial setup would carry through to the G55-G57. But they do not, they hold their own, and the new tool goes straight through the work, or begins over the top on the offset pieces.

So does anyone know how to utilise the 2010 auto tool zero function through multiple offsets with multiple tool changes throughout an op? It would be SOOOOO cool to be able to do this. Next best thing to an ATC.