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Title: Ahha Artisan CNC onversion to Mach4 (Ess/MB3)
Post by: Rimmel on August 23, 2020, 05:33:29 PM
I have a Denford Mill that is current running the dos based artisan CNC. It is PC Based and runs with a DB37 pin connection to the PC (connected to an ISA ard in the PC) thre is also a DB25 cable going to the PC's printer port.

I am assuming that the db37 is a fast connection to  control the servo's etc.

Has anyone got experience of this system??? I am hoping I can simply replace the ISA  and lpt1 with a bob (MB3) and control the servo's etc with that. Hopefully I can even just interface directly to these cables and job done??????

Any help/advice greatly appreciated