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Title: spindle speed doesnt respond to s-word
Post by: Fred_evans on May 23, 2020, 09:34:55 AM
Hello Everyone,

I moved my computer and had to disconnect all the connections to my mach 3 lathe.

Now i have put it together again but I find that the spindle speed is not responding to the "s" word

I have put s500 in the general configuration startup string - but alas the spindle starts at maximum revs.
(In my case that is 1300) .
I have a vsd attached as well as a spindle speed monitor ( the little light that counts to speed of the spindle by counting a slot in a disc )
I need to get around to fixing this type of thing by myself without bothering you chaps all the time--
but where would be the logical point to start looking?

best regards