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Title: Unable to reset
Post by: PeteG on April 03, 2020, 11:34:24 AM
Hi all

My home made CNC is working just fine - or at least it was. Yesterday I was using it, and fortunately I was only doing a test cut to check tangency, but then it started to stop functioning with no predictable pattern, and the reset button on the screen was flashing red. I was able to reset from the PC screen as normal and it would work for a while then stop. This was regardless of whether a G Code file was running, or I was moving the gantry manually using the L/R, F/B, Page up/down keys. Again, with no predictable pattern.

The gantry was nowhere near any of the safety limit switches.

I turned it all off and went to ponder as to whether I had done something stupid or not. I'm pretty sure I haven't, all I had done prior to this problem manifesting itself was to edit the Code file to lift the cutter, return to zero so I could change the tool, reset Z zero and continue on. i.e.

X0 Y0
(reset Z zero)

Not the most elegant bit of code, but it worked.

This morning all was working fine, until this afternoon. I now can't reset at all. I get a scrolling message saying 'Emergency mode active" and below that in the status box it says "External E Stop requested" I can't say that I've ever noticed this message before.

I checked the limit switches and the LED's on the interface board go out indicating that these are working correctly (board is CNC interface board LV3.3 - pretty much the same one everyone uses).

Has anyone else had this issue?

All suggestions will be appreciated.



Title: Re: Unable to reset
Post by: TPS on April 04, 2020, 03:09:39 AM
you have to check your e-stop Input.