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Title: PlasmaSensOut
Post by: on November 25, 2019, 02:27:40 PM
Good day all you good people

I built a small 1m x 1m plasma table with a Chinese LPT BOB running nema23 steppers and all works well with 5mm or thicker material over a small area 200mm x 200mm but if a go with a larger design or thinner material the cuts are intermittent. So problems is with Warping = THC right, so i got a Polabs(pokeys) PlasmaSensOut THC. when i start the G-code the torch moves to start position and pierce height and fires the torch and waits. it just stands there with the torch on. if i switch the torch off F5 then the torch switches off and the tables starts moving to complete the cut as soon as the torch switches on for the next cut the table stands still again with the torch on until i turn the torch of F5.

driving crazy. i cant figure it out. help please