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Title: Urn manual tool change (Read 102 times)
Post by: dangquan09 on July 30, 2019, 05:49:57 AM
im used to an auto changer on a lathe, but if i use a manual dixon type toolpost . what would need to altered so that it goes to a safe place ,chuck stops etc to enable manual change then carry on?
Title: Re: Urn manual tool change (Read 102 times)
Post by: RICH on July 31, 2019, 05:27:36 AM
First and most important you should read the following sections in Mach3 Turn Manual for understanding. G28 positions
10.7.8 Return to Home - G28 and G30
10.7.9 Reference axes - G28.1
10.1.13 Tool Change
10.7.4 Dwell – G04
10.8.3 Tool change – M06
10.10.3 Select Tool – T

Under the General Logic Configuration  ( Tool Change ) you have a choice of how a YOU
want the call for a Tool Change to be handled.
- Ignore Tool Change - Mach will ignore the M6 command in the  g-code T404  M6.
   One could think of this selection as "switch" which turns the tool change off.

- Stop Spindle. Waite for Cycle Start - Mach will use both the M6 start and M6 end macros.
Typicaly code content for M6Start could be:
-turn spindle off
-turn cooling off
-go to a save place for toolchange
-anounce the new tool to System for all the the new offsets

Typicaly code content  for M6End could be:
-turn spindle on
-turn cooling on
-go back to a place where it it save to restart

- Auto Tool Changer  - only the M6 start macro will be used

Now the above said.......................
Change the M6 macro to do what you want to do.