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Title: Pierce delay for plasma cutters.
Post by: awfabworks on February 15, 2019, 09:35:07 PM
So I got this problem that is driving me *********ing nuts.
Everything was working ok but then I installed a smooth stepper so I could have a new faster computer.
Now for whatever reason mach 3 will not Recognise any pierce delay under 1 second like .4 or .7
If i set it to 1 or anything higher it works perfect.
I need it around .3 for 14 gauge steel, even quarter inch steel I dont think I need 1 second pierce delay.
This sucks so bad, I put a pierce delay in sheet cam under 1 second, wont work, but 1 second will.
Or I try and put the spindle spin up speed to .5 wont read it worth ********* but I put it at 1 works perfect.
I cant be the only one this doesnt work with, there is a ton of smooth steppers sold.
Also the plunge safety clearance does not work with whatever number I put in, but its working with a default of what looks like .2 so any difference in height with the steel it will set off my probe and just stall everything, I need it a .5 or 1
All this worked before with an old computer and the parallel port, I dont get why its different with a smooth stepper.
Title: Re: Pierce delay for plasma cutters.
Post by: TPS on February 16, 2019, 05:40:26 AM
have a look for:

Config -> General Config -> General Configuration -> G04 Dwell in ms