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Title: X2 machine mounting hall effect and spindle light
Post by: truckeic on January 11, 2019, 05:31:15 PM
Ok folks I need some advice. I purchased a led light from eBay vendor. It's super bright if anyone is interested pm me and I will give you the link.
That said I have done the LMS belt drive and o don't have any room to mount a hall effect sensor for my Tach.

So I had an idea to make a 3x3x1 inch bracket to go around the bottom of the spindle. Cutting side.

The hall effect sensor I have has the pullup resistor in the plastic package. The unit looks like an oval.
So I was looking at mounting this between spindle and the column.
This will mean I will need to drill a 3/8 hole maybe 1/8 deep to glue the magnetic in.
Any issues with that ?
Also any helpful tips on mounting all of this.