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Title: Mach issue or Hicon??
Post by: turmite on August 12, 2017, 06:45:24 AM
I am very close to having my retrofit done but have encountered a problem that I cannot find the answer to and do not know if it is Mach related or Hicon related While doing the Mach 4 config, I did not set any of my homing offsets and on searching, cannot find a place to set them in Hicon! When I jog, mdi or reference individually or ref all, every axis except the tool carousel offsets and the only one I have really paid attention to is the y axis since it is the only axis that is used other than the carousel to do a tool change!

I made sure the home on index pulse tic box was unchecked to take that out of the loop for now. I still get offset on homing and the home offsets have not be set in config@ Now we are not talking offset enough to get off the sensor! The y axis measures  -.178"



ps I have other issues but will post each separately!