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Title: Help with first cut please
Post by: Allen McFarlen on July 27, 2017, 05:20:21 PM
I've just got Mach4 up and running on my router and tried to run a file with limited success.

I've indicated off the material and zero'd out the DRO inputs just as I do all the time in Mach3.

Loaded the file and pressed Cycle Start. The result is that the spindle moves up to what might be a safte hight. Pretty much at the top of it's travel and then proceeds to cut air.

I load the exact same file into Mach3 and it cut's the part just as expected. I'm pretty sure it's just something simple that I'm not seeing or aware of.

Here is the start of the code. Any hints on what I'm missing?

G90 G94 G91.1 G40 G49 G17
G28 G91 Z0.

S20000 M3
G0 X464.338 Y-25.245
G43 Z15. H2
G1 Z1. F500.
X464.331 Y-25.244 Z-0.852
X464.311 Y-25.241 Z-0.9
X464.28 Y-25.236 Z-0.941
X464.239 Y-25.23 Z-0.973
X464.191 Y-25.222 Z-0.993
X464.14 Y-25.214 Z-1.
X463.943 Y-25.182