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Post by: billfloyd806 on March 31, 2017, 09:49:28 PM
First, Thanks for taking the time to read my problem and possibly offer some help. I'm new to the plasma world for about 6 months, I built my machine from scratch and have been cutting with no issues. When I built my system I purchased a USB mach3 compatible controller off ebay (I know ebay and yes its from China). Anyway it works great I havent had a single issue with it, when I purchased everything I also purchased a PROMO THC controller off ebay direct from them off their ebay store. Since I had ZERO plasma experience I didn't want to throw a THC controller in the mess of learning a new machine. So, I decided to wait to install it until I felt good with the machine and cut quality. I'm at the point now, so today I wire it in and go to my diagnostics screen and I can see the THC Torch Up and Down working along with the Torch on as the control is in test modes. But Z DOES NOT MOVE, I watched some videos found that I need to go to "Plugin Control" and select CONFG and turn on THC MODE. My Issue when I go to "Plug in Control" only a video option pops up, I dont see the screen I need. Is there a plug in I need to download?

Yes I'm running a FULL version of Mach3.