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Title: Mach3 turn
Post by: Poppey_au on March 26, 2017, 07:41:29 AM
Anyone that can helpe me with this set of codes?
Im going to turn a collet that I draw in Fusion360 posted from there.
When I simulate it in Fusion360 COM it seems to be perfect but after a few cut the x axis just go into the steel and cut it right down with big blue chip.
I´m not sure which line it happen as I just hit the emergency stop.
I have run the CNC late with just simple G codes not generated G codes from fusion before.

N10 G90 G94 G18
N11 G21
N12 G91
N13 G90

N14 T0202
N15 G54
N16 G95
N17 G96 S70 M3
N18 G0 X36. Z1.404
N19 G0 X18.581
N20 G1 X17.828 F1.
N21 X15. Z-0.01
N22 Z-19.5 F0.1
N23 X15.98
N24 X18.808 Z-18.086 F1.
N25 G0 Z1.404
N26 X17.293
N27 G1 X14.465 Z-0.01 F1.
N28 Z-19.5 F0.1
N29 X15.
N30 X17.828 Z-18.086 F1.
N31 G0 Z1.404
N32 X16.799
N33 G1 X16.772 F1.
N34 X13.944 Z-0.01
N35 G18 G3 X14.371 Z-0.805 I-0.982 K-0.69 F0.1
N36 G1 X14.091 Z-2.405
N37 G3 X14.064 Z-2.508 I-1.195 K0.105
N38 G1 X13.465 Z-4.207
N39 Z-19.5
N40 X14.465
N41 X17.293 Z-18.086 F1.
N42 G0 Z-2.792
N43 G1 X16.293 F1.
N44 X13.465 Z-4.207
N45 X13.101 Z-5.239 F0.1
N46 G3 X12.816 Z-5.63 I-1.182 K0.208
N47 G1 X12.482 Z-5.919
N48 Z-19.5
N49 X13.465
N50 X16.293 Z-18.086 F1.
N51 G0 Z-4.505
N52 G1 X15.311 F1.
N53 X12.482 Z-5.919
N54 X11.5 Z-6.77 F0.1
N55 Z-16.517
N56 G3 X12. Z-17.25 I-0.95 K-0.733
N57 G1 Z-19.5
N58 X12.482
N59 X15.311 Z-18.086 F1.
N60 G0 Z1.404
N61 X13.262
N62 G1 X12.428 F1.
N63 X-0.4 Z-0.01
N64 Z-0.5 F0.1
N65 X11.98
N66 G3 X12.378 Z-0.717 K-0.2
N67 G1 X12.098 Z-2.317
N68 G3 X12.094 Z-2.335 I-0.199 K0.017
N69 G1 X11.131 Z-5.065
N70 G3 X11.084 Z-5.13 I-0.197 K0.035
N71 G1 X9.5 Z-6.502
N72 Z-17.05
N73 X9.6
N74 G3 X10. Z-17.25 K-0.2
N75 G1 Z-19.5
N76 X12.828 Z-18.086 F1.
N77 X14.
N78 G0 X36.

N79 G91 G28 X0. Z0.
N80 G90
N81 M30