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Title: Erratic motions after installing ESS and pendant
Post by: Raychar on March 06, 2017, 12:58:37 PM
Hello, everybody,

This occurs not very often, about one or two times a day. After selecting an axis control on pendant (e.g. Z direction) and starting the hand jogging. Suddently, machine will automatically move in both Y and Z directions. No sooner had the stop button been pushed, the tool already collided with the workpiece. And, both of them were ruined. When hitting the reset button to start again, however, the erratic motion re-appears.

Eventhough the input pins for Encoder MPG A & B pulse are disabled on Ports & Pins configuration tab, when I click the screen button to jog instead, it still occurs. Until, I retreated from Mach3 and turned off ESS power and restart all over, the errors then disappears.

This didn't occur in the old day when I used parallel port connection for Mach3 running.

Did anybody experience this or are there some wrong settings I committed. Attached are the captured screens of the settings for reference.

Will there be some errors/data logged on the buffer of the ESS??

Thanks in advance.