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Title: initial settings for variable speed drive omron
Post by: Fred_evans on February 26, 2017, 06:30:10 AM
Hello Everybody-
Nice and warm here in south africa-
Probably off topic - but help needed

I purchased an omron mx2 drive and had it coupled to the machine.

When it works - it works fine but regarding support from omron-- well that is non-
existant after hours in south africa . as i am sure that most hobby lathe users are active
after hours - I would recommend that anyone purchasing a VCD make sure that there
is good afterhours support . I will definitely NOT buy omron again. preferable in the form of
a support forum or online support.

Can anyone help me in simple language as to how to set the VSD back to initial defaults?

I have downloaded about 100 odd pages of instruction manuals and "getting started" instructions
But i regret I am unable to make head or tale of the setting up of the parameters.
The instruction books appear to be written for users with a working knowledge of electronics
far beyond my entry level.

If anyone can help me with some information about VSD in general i would appreciate the help.

best regards

fred evans