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Title: G-code not running
Post by: golash on June 15, 2007, 03:31:43 PM

I just upgraded to a new servo on my Z axis. I can
jog all axes just fine. When I try to run G-code
the code will not run. I`ve tried 3 or 4 project
codes and the same problem occurs.
On the feed rate dialog there are Units/min it has
some strange text loaded -1.#J Trying to overwrite
the text by typing a new feed rate does not stay. The
strange text reappears.
Note: I`ve had problems with servo faults on the Z.
Today I changed the motor output from active high to
active low on the z axis only and it jogged fine ...not one fault.
The other axes are set to active high and they jog
with no faults. Is this a normal config. If I change
the Y and X to active low they will fault.

Title: Re: G-code not running
Post by: krisverheyen on June 17, 2007, 04:39:41 PM

This can be a normal config if you use different servo-drives. If they are all the same check your wiring. Especially the grounding.?
Are there any settings (dipswitches?) on the drives? doublecheck those.
Do the problems also occur when you use MDI?
try typing directly in the MDI line "G1 Z(some value) F1000"
see if it works?