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Title: Mach 3 wizard changing my movement scale after posting g-code
Post by: Cary on September 10, 2016, 07:19:19 PM
When I use any of the wizards in Mach 3 the machine does not move the right distance after I use the wizard and post the g-code. It is driving me crazy. I have to close the g-code file, close the Mach 3 mill program and restart it and then when I tell the machine to move one inch it moves one inch. So I go the the wizard and select Rectangular pocket and set up all my dimensions and when I post the g-code 2 things happen. 1st my coordinates are changed from zero's to some arbitrary values. 2nd when I jog the machine it reads that about a 1 inch move as 0.02". Has anyone suffered this before? ( and yes I have the wizard set to inches when I set up the pocket)