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Title: Mach4 PWM output
Post by: Penguin on June 26, 2016, 10:28:12 AM

I am a long time Mach3 user and just want to try Mach4 for the conversion of a Emco Compact 5 CNC. As a motion controller I use the Pokeys57CNC.
For the toolchanger which is driven by a small DC Motor i have a motor controller that uses a pwm signal which is 100% for changing the tool and 30% for reversing and locking the turret.
In Mach3 i just assigned a DRO to the PWM output which i could set to either 30 oder 100 in the M6 macro.
Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this in Mach4, can someone help me?

Greetings from Switzerland,
Title: Re: Mach4 PWM output
Post by: Tweakie.CNC on June 29, 2016, 02:14:08 AM
Hi Martin,

Unlike Mach3 - Mach4 does not actually output a PWM signal, that function is provided by the motion controller that you are using. You can make certain settings within Mach4 which are designed to affect the scale / range of the PWM but you should refer to your motion controller's documentation for the full details.