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Title: Help! Autozero USB controller
Post by: thehirtbike on June 17, 2016, 02:45:38 AM
I have a USB X6 1500c  router I copied and pasted the operator button script to the auto zero button as directed and it goes through all the steps to autozero the tool, but when i press go to zero the tool goes to gage height not part height. here is the code im using. Any help is appreciated thanks.

'chengdu xhc tec. probe z surface macro
FeedCurrent = GetOemDRO(818)    'Get the current settings, OEM DROs (818)=Feedrate DRO
ZCurrent = GetOemDro(802)   'OEM DROs (802)=Z DRO
GageH = GetOEMDRO(1001)   'OEMDRO(1001)=Gage Block Height
ZNew = ZCurrent - 300      'probe down 20 mm

Code "G90F200"         'slow feed rate to 100 MM/MIN
Rem Code "G4 P1"      'Pause 1 second to give time to position probe plate
Code "G31 Z" &ZNew
While IsMoving()
Call SetDro (2,GageH)      'DRO(2)=Z DRO

FinalMove = GageH + 10
Code  "G0 Z" &FinalMove
Code "F" &FeedCurrent        'restore starting feed rate