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Title: spindle RPM issues
Post by: Toad on March 03, 2016, 09:51:52 AM
Good day friends,
I replaced my spindle with a 4.0kw spindle.
Let me see if I can explain it.
 for some reason, my indicated rpm's on the inverter and mach are not correct.
The spindle has a top speed of 18000 rpm's @ F300.
In mach, when you reach 8000 rpm's, Inverter also says 8000 rpm's but Spindle is running wide open, and will not go any faster. Like it has a range is set for 0-8v instead of 0-10v. 
If I check it with a meter, the board is putting out 6 volts, the spindle is running at full speed. It will ramp down when voltage is lowered, but indicated rpm's cant be correct.
In the inverter manual, PD070 for analog input , #1 is for 0-10v that is where I have it set.
It really has me puzzled. Baud rate is set for 9600.
My settings on the inverter are:
PD001 =1  0-10v
PD002=1  Controlled by external board
PD003=300 max frequency for 18000 RPM
PD004=300 Max frequency
PD005=300 Max frequency
PD070=1 analog input
PD072=300  Max frequency
any assistance will be appreciated.
I've contacted manufacturer, but have not heard back yet.
Title: Re: spindle RPM issues
Post by: Toad on March 04, 2016, 09:28:41 AM
OK, found the problem.
In the inverter, PD144 was set for 1400 changed it to 3000 and everything started working correctly.