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Post by: RCHENSLEY on September 28, 2015, 07:44:14 PM
Have Mack 3 demo. I am trying to get 3 axes working on a small mill 10” x 2” running as in the Mach 3 manual. My computer is running Windows 7 and USB in to an n E-Cut board.
Using six limit switches:  X++ =LIMIT, X- - =LINIT/HOME, Y++ =LIMIT, Y- - =LIMIT/HOME, Z++ =LIMIT/HOME (spindle up home), Z- - = LIMIT.  
I have gone through the setup and all drives work in the correct directions. I programmed the limit switches and they seem to work OK, once the limit is trigged the stepper stops and the computer screen Mack 3 controller RESET button flashes red. When I call Home, the Y axis move to the –Y position, hits the, Y- - =LIMIT/HOME switch STOPS and the controller Rest button flashes red.   I have tried everything I can think to get the Home and the Mach’ne Coord's button to work as in the Mack 3 manual.  
I need a phone contact to help with this problem.    408 857-2261
Post by: on November 13, 2017, 07:08:20 PM
When I do an initial program/setup of the software for my cnc machine I don't get any response from the software.  I have set it up for both mm and inches and bach again without satisfaction.  i then found that after 24 hours the programming took affect.  I also don't seem to have control of direction of the y axis, instead of going positive to zero it goes negative and not matter what I set check marks in, it dosen't make a difference.  Also, my home switches, which are wired in parallel, don't work unless I press all three at once instead of individually.  They almost act as though they are wired in series like my limit switches except that when I press a limit switch all three led's light up as opposed to pressing one home switch and no led until all three home switches are pressed.  Limit switches work fine.  I got my break out board from 'Build your own CNC' and is for usb hookup.  I sincerely am in need of phone support.  Thanks.  630-879-9283.  Tom Stanfa