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Title: pulse output capabilities ess
Post by: nobby on August 26, 2015, 03:08:15 PM

erm the Ethernet version says cw and ccw - the usb version says no

do them servo drive doofers want cw and ccw pulse output signalling

anyplops, I have 'finally' bought some sevo motors that match my drives - Panasonic minas a4 @ 200w
maddt1207 and the matching motors

so am I correct in thinking I am buying an ess for mach 4

just been having a read up, my mach 3 is working on windows 10

does that mean mach 4 and ess will work too.
I buy the ess for mach 4 - what else do I need, does the ess plug into something else and then to the drives
thank you