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Title: First Problem noticed
Post by: hjboven on March 05, 2006, 02:31:19 PM

Thanks for putting the beta online. It reallylooks like you are filling in a missing link here. I like what you've done and it really looks promising. it tookme only minutes to get some output form an imported DXF file. Youre video tutorial is superb at getting a fast start and good help to.

I tried a sample file from autocad. A simple rectangle in wich tomill out a circle and an ellipse.
I loaded the file in mach 3 and it gave mea surprising result.Look at the screenshot of the toolpath display. Somehow the circle does not come to a good end. Just mm's before the end the tool moves back in (at the arrow).
I ran the g-code file trough CncSimulator from Microtech and it doesn't want to run as it reports "G02: illigal end point" afther the G02 X4.4268 Y6.3776 I-1.4501 J0.0000  line.

Thanks a lot for your nice work on this program and goodluck getting the bugs out.

Henk-Jan Boven
Title: Re: First Problem noticed
Post by: Brian Barker on March 05, 2006, 06:12:01 PM
Try slowing down the feedrate with the FRO. The Green line in Mach is drawing a little slow I think....
 It runs great here